Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The Light is Tearing Me to Pieces

I have seen people on my f-list post links to the trailer for Watchmen, but I haven't been looking. I didn't want to be disappointed-to-enraged.

But in the end I succumbed and - wow - it actually looks really promising. Watch it here. If only, if only, they made films like they do trailers, abandoning exposition and characterisation for dream-like enchantment. Perhaps I need to get spaced out before I watch it.

The Terminator trailer also looks good (T3 having being utter shite). Quantum of Solace looks good.

And making it four for four iainjclark links to a trailer for a movie I hadn't hear of: Outlander, which is vikings vs aliens starring John Hurt. Sounds fab.

Oh. I am setting myself up for so much disappointment aren't I? But I can't help it, it's like supporting the England football team. Blockbuster movies I know you will never let me down again how I love you. What?

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  • LJ Settings

    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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