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CV One

There's a company called 'CV One' which has been set up as a private company to run the precinct in Coventry (postcode CV1 of course) and other council stuff. I'm very annoyed with them at the moment. There are criticisms you can make of the public and the private sector, but surely the worst load of incompetent money-grabbing wankers are those who are funded and protected by government, but affect to be ruthless capitalists. The companies that profited from the Iraq war are the worst of these I suppose. CV One are imps compared to those Beelzebubs. It's just they have frustrated me this week. Twice!

It was supposed to be poetry evening on Thursday, but the Liquid Bar has been closed down. BY CV One. It's the Free Festival in the park this weekend, and it's been ruined, and turned into a stupid fenced-in rock concert instead of a community event. By CV One. Bastards! Why are you spoiling my fun?

The Liquid Bar was the sort of private enterprise that surely any of us can get behind, including old socialists like me. It was a little bar, clean, live music, poetry evenings, Afro-Caribbean food. Anyway, they've gone now the precinct is now adorned with yet another boarded up shop front.

And as for the Godiva Festival! I remember going there with my Nan, then in her nineties, wandering from tent to tent, catching bits of music and comedy and juggling. Now it's all shut in behind a big fence, and you have to queue up to go through a security check-in, and there's a big electric stage. Nobody there but die-hard rock fans. Shame.

They do have a poetry show on tonight - I'll go down after Doctor Who - and we'll see how it goes. Linton Kwesi Johnson will be there.
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