Communicator (communicator) wrote,

resembled human speach

iainjcoleman was just posting about the Twat-o-Tron: a little software thing that generates moronic blog comments, as seen at the BBC Have Your Say site.

(So I thought... I'll just take a quick look at those BBC comments. I can handle it.)

ouch my eye!

the idea that song lyrics are good sadly is a missguided concept. not since the early eighties has popular even resembled human speach. its endemic of poor quality university studies to analyse song lyrics, either they cant learn anything worthwile or it realy is true that with higher learning you lessen common sence and these are our future polititions well now i understand new labour sadly i can honestly say i feel a deep shame to say im british.

This from a priceless thread on the exam question which compared lyrics from Amy Winehouse and Walter Raleigh. A topic which certainly brings out the best in the Great British Public.

(ETA - and some wise comments too, to be fair. Why do I get the impression the most scandalised are the ones who have never read a poem in their lives)
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