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Dexter series 1 finished last week. It definitely grew on me. Here's a review from TV Scoop (incl. picture), which correctly picks out the best scene in the episode, nay the whole series:

Bubbling through the cracks in the pavement was the insanely brilliant Doakes. Doakes is part Gene Hunt, part Wu Tang Clan. He's got a hunch that Dexter ain't all he's cracked up to be. He smells a rat. Now, where everyone else in the show furrows a brow and gets all cryptic crossword solver, Doakes likes to steam in, windmilling the arms and shouting more swearwords than a pissed Oliver Reed. favourite scene by a mile involved Dexter and Doakes. Hanging around a shipping yard trying to pull a clue apart, the bizarre ambiance was wrecked with Doakes leaping from nowhere and shouting "SURPRISE MOTHERF*CKER!" Swift explanations get exchanged then, BAM, a tussle that sees Dex with Doakes' arm ready for the breaking. It was fantastic. From that point in, Doakes spent most of his time sounding like a potty mouthed Blaxploitation film... and I loved it. More of the same please.

Yes, this scene alone made the whole series for me. Dexter started (I thought) slightly nervously. So awed by the risk of its central premise that it played fairly straight with everything else. At first I thought it was a bit square. Towards the end it got radically peculiar, culminating with this most awesome fight scene with Doakes. My heart was thumping.

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