Communicator (communicator) wrote,

cep my mouf shut

This will probably make you cry.

It's a story about a 7 year old boy in Louisiana, whose mum lives with another woman. He (correctly) told another child that his mum was gay, and when asked what that means said 'when a girl likes another girl'.

The link will show you the details, but basically he was punished by being kept in at recess, and being made to write out 'I will not say gay' 100 times.

All this is very bad. I particularly hate to see a little boy's innocent regard for his mum being punished. However the school 'punishment log' - which you will see if you follow the link above - is heartbreaking.

The poor little lad had to write what he did wrong, and what he should have done instead. What should he have done? - 'cep my mouf shut' That's education at its very lowest point.

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