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The Damned United

Hey, they are making a film of The Damned United - Brian Clough's life coming to pieces at Leeds United - my favourite book from last year. OMG.

I was thinking 'who to play Cloughie?'. They are using all-purpose person impersonator, Michael Sheen. Not sure about that, I was going to say not old enough, but he's probably older than Cloughie was at that time. I wanted Glenister, I'll be honest.

Still the line up is quite tempting.

Timothy Spall ... Peter Taylor

Michael Sheen ... Brian Clough

Colm Meaney ... Don Revie

Jim Broadbent - role not specified. Who is he going to be then?

Anyway, I knew all this because they are going to use the Chesterfield ground to stand in for the old-stylee football ground(s) so H got to hear about it.

(screenwriter was the guy who wrote Last King of Scotland. Haven't seen that, supposed to be quite good. Director also did Longford, which was very good indeed, and Prime Suspect 6. I'm hopeful.)

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