Communicator (communicator) wrote,

La Smorfia

There's an interesting article in this month's Fortean Times about the Neapolitan lottery-number-foretelling system that's grown up as a sort of folk myth. It's called La Smorfia (possibly derived from Morpheus). To summarise, Italian lotteries have 90 numbers. La Smorfia assigns an image to each number. For example 6 is the vagina, 13 is Saint Anthony, 23 is a fool, 42 is coffee, 54 is a hat, 90 is Fear. If you have a dream, or experience a striking event, you convert it to numbers using La Smorfia, and use these as your lottery numbers. Isn't that fascinating? Sophisticated Smorfia adepts apparently know a whole network of further associations. Like, I don't know, St Anthony is patron of lost things, so a lost thing might = 13 (that's just a guess).

Anyway, this all reminds me of the alethiometer in His Dark Materials.

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