Communicator (communicator) wrote,

has it started

I don't think there's any doubt we are sliding into a recession, but what feels different to me is that this recession may rest on fundamental and intractable flaws in our production model (I'm thinking particularly Peak Oil, Climate Change and Water Shortages), whereas the other recessions I have lived through have been due to the clumsiness of our economic systems.

What I mean is, in previous times of shortage both labour and materials have been available, but the system was so badly set up that people sat idle and starving, while production capacity was under-utilised. All that was needed was for the distribution of resources to change. Now, I seriously think the very models of production (for instance, agriculture based on fossil fuels and 'fossil' water) are falling to pieces, so the resources may simply cease to be there at all.

Like school children during the Bay of Pigs, or people in the first half hour of a zombie movie, I watch the news at the moment and think 'Has it started?'
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