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One door closes, another opens

Spoilers for Torchwood and Doctor Who. Only because I'm enjoying reading other people's views so I thought I should contribute.

I have seen quite a few bits of Torchwood because my daughter loves it. It seems to have got better than it used to be? However, the only character I actually liked was Owen. He seemed a bit more spicy than the others. If they had him snogging Jack that would actually be quite sexy. Most of the sex in Torchwood seems like people playing at it. I see they killed him off, anyway. I thought this episode was kind of stupid. The baddy's plan depended on everyone running into the cells at exactly the same time, so he could slam the doors on them and Bwa-ha-ha lock them in! They didn't expect that did they? Also, dying over and over again in suffocating darkness for two thousand years would definitely have an effect on a person.

Out of nostalgia or something I am more tolerant of the stupid stuff in DW. My expectations of this episode were rock bottom, but in fact I quite enjoyed it. It was utter tripe of course, but I feel uncharacteristically forgiving. I do like Catherine Tate. I like RTD's nonsensical speeches about the banality and wonder of life and so on. I like Bernard Cribbins. I wouldn't mind having my excess fat form into a little creature and run away. Seriously, it's win-win. Come back space ship!

ETA - Bored by Rose. Ray of hope - she is a psycho in Rose form (Roseate?). I liked the new version of the music, I think I'm the only one so far.
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