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Still Ravenous

Yes, I still love that film Ravenous, about two Old West cannibals that kind of go for one another in a big way: Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle.

Here are some fanvids (not for the squeamish) that I think convey the intense fighting and rather unhealthy mix of sex and violence between them:

Bring me to life (this is the best one, but the picture ratio is distorted alas)

Bite the hand that feeds (nine inch nails)

"Ravenous" by Nephwrack (no idea)

God why aren't there thousands of these things. They virtually write themselves.

From the review I linked to above:

Subliminal erotic tension is very evident in Ravenous... Robert Carlyle and Guy Pearce are able to ignite a kinetic nervousness between their personalities that develops into great magnetic chemistry on screen. Boyd acts as the vulnerable, chaste, beautiful object of prey, while Colqhoun counteracts him as the aggressive, lustful hunter. Ives describes himself to Boyd as being virile--a word that connotes masculinity, potency and sexual prowess. The fireside chat between Boyd and Ives is quiet, forbidden, and strangely erotic. "The strength of someone else coursing through your veins...." The manner in which Ives describes his 'addiction' is similar to both vampirism and sex. Ives is a rogue that emanates unrestrained sexuality, and Boyd is the opposite--undefiled, virgin, and pure.

The most implicitly sexual moment is a brief scene where Ives swipes Boyd's bloody mouth with his fingers. Ives then kneels down across from Boyd, crooks a come-hither finger at him and sniffs the blood in a moment of bizarre and obvious sexual thrill. Boyd watches with a mixture of disgust and fascination. The culmination of this tension is the electrifying final brawl between Boyd and Ives. There seems to be an unquestionable passion and exhilaration between the two combatants as they creatively and savagely try to do each other in. Boyd traps both himself and Ives in the jaws of a huge bear-trap.

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