Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Hope and Anchor

Last night we went to see immortalradical play at the Hope and Anchor pub in Coventry. We met up first at the student bar, Browns. The evening was great. There was me and H, lamentables, abrinsky, korintomichi and her chap C, not sure if he is on lj.

I'm off shortly to my hypnotherapy course (last weekend ever!) so it's all a bit rushed this morning.

Anyway, we had plenty of opportunity to talk and drink - I had too much as usual - and then zipped up to the H&A just up the road. The other two acts who were on were a bit less than exciting, but this was good in a way because it meant that immortalradical had the opportunity to shine. When he started the earlier acts were still there, with their friends, chatting away, but he managed to make the whole bar shut up and listen. He performed mostly his own stuff, and a lively cover of Karma Chameleon. His performance is very affecting, quite open and powerful.

If you are wondering what style his music is, he's a young singer-songwriter with guitar, I think his strongest influence is Ryan Adams.

I do hope we get the chance to see him perform again soon, and perhaps some other lj people who live in the Midlands area might be able to come along, we could meet up like last night, it was fun.

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