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Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor not an acronym

I thought I might write a bit about characters in films. However I'm going to use the Myers-Briggs shorthand a bit. I'll try to also describe the types in 'proper words', and also try to get the acronyms right for a change.

The trainer in seabiscuit was a fine example of one of my favourite character types, the sensual introvert, ISFP. Like, oh I don't know, David Hockney or Bridget Bardot. It was a very close portrait of the type, featuring manual skill, compassion, modesty, stubborn determination and love of animals.

The jockey was the exact opposite type, the extrovert intellectual, ENTJ. Like Servalan or Richard Dawkins. He was aggressive, strategic, arrogant, and manipulative. I think the two characters complemented each other very well.

Master and Commander showed a similar complementarity of types. Jack (the captain) was an ESTP: an sensual and rational extrovert. This is the same type as James T Kirk or Bill Clinton, or even Madonna. They are self confident and charismatic, capable of being very tough, living right here right now.

The doctor, Stephen, was almost the opposite - INTJ: an intuitive and rational introvert. Like Newton or Ada Lovelace. Bothered by irrationality more than by discomfort. Jack and Stephen shared high IQ, and physical courage - but in every other respect they were different.

Anyway, I'm not sure if that's of interest to more than one or two readers who share my hobby of analysing personalities.

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