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Seven things

I was tagged by kerravonsen and dremiel to do that meme 'say seven odd facts about yourself' (I think it was seven). It's hard to judge what might facts be interesting or boring to read, or that everyone knows already.

1 - I like to walk to work, and I'm lucky to live near enough to my work to be able to do it. I go by Canley Ford which is a 3,000-year-old track, then past a pub called the Phantom Coach: 'Named after a spectral coach that repeats its fatal crash: the coach left the road and sunk in a marsh, killing all on board.' I assume Canley Ford itself is the 'marsh', but I haven't seen the ghostly coach there.

2 - I have two cats, which I acquired a couple of years ago when they were fairly elderly (their owner went abroad). The boy is called Milo. He's a long-legged, big eared, handsome tabby. He's very bold and he bites me gently on the knee to remind me to feed him. I like to call him Milly, also Miles, Milbert, Millhouse, Millsworth etc. The little girl cat is called Woody. She is very tiny, black, starey, and neurotic. I call her The Woodster.

3 - My first attempt at giving birth was such a fiasco that the NHS gave me a CAT scan to find out what the hell was wrong with me. It turns out I have an androidal pelvis. That doesn't mean it's like an android, it means I've got a male pelvis stuck inside a girl body. Great.

4 - At the risk of sounding like a twit, I think I am allergic to Kiwi Fruit, of all things. According to this study it's is a fairly common allergy. My lips and mouth sting and then go numb if I eat the stuff. Luckily they are very easy to avoid.

5 - Jobs I have done. In the eighties I worked as an exec in a market research company, then I became a lecturer in a technical college (business information, computing etc.). Then in the nineties I was a writer of text books and learning materials (my favourite job so far). This decade I have been working for a government agency that supports computers in education.

6 - I'm now a qualified hypnotherapist. I'd like to do that as a living but I'm not sure it's a viable business model.

7 - My kids are 15 and 19. Where did the years go?

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