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Sorry that I have more or less abdicated from livejournal this week. I'm still very tired and work is busy. One thing I'm doing at the moment is reviewing this Cabinet Office future-trends analysis (you can download the report as a PDF there). The presentation of the report does it no favours - 180 pages which appear to be 180 Powerpoint slides in comic sans (!). If you get past this flaw the content isn't bad, and quite comprehensive IMHO.

One of my home computers went a bit stupid so I stripped it down and had some new memory installed. However since then it won't seem to 'stick' to livejournal and keeps logging me out, resulting in rogue anonymous comments. But please note that if an anonymous comment is from me I will always say so in an appended comment. I never leave anonymous comments 'unclaimed' as it were.

Now what can I talk about that's nice and restful? I know, religious controversy :-)

I have an opinion on the Archbishop/Sharia law feeding frenzy. It is that he was trying to do something clever, but he wasn't anywhere near clever enough. And this confirms my view that the white middle aged males who end up at the top of institutions are rarely even the cleverest white middle aged males available, let alone the cleverest people. The results are frequently pitiful. Sorry if that's a bit harsh, but he screwed his own agenda. As that agenda was to carve out some protected space for religious restrictions on marriage and divorce, I am pleased he made such a mess of it.
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