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No Country for Old Men

I can tell if a film has worked for me if my dreams follow on. Last night after watching 'No Country for Old Men' I had bad dreams all night that the baddie (Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh) was after me and my family, because I had seen his face. And in the dream I was confusedly wondering whether it mattered that I had only seen his face on the screen not in real life. But I suppose it doesn't because it's the face of death.

No spoilers here, except that might be in any review you might read.

Josh Brolin plays a tough-minded oldish man who stumbles across a drug deal gone wrong, way out in the empty prairie. Everyone is dead, so he legs it with two million dollars in a suitcase (this was 1980 so £2m is a lot). Javier Bardem is sent to hunt him down, as part of some background plot that is never explained to us.

Now this builds in a series of gripping and intelligent gladiatorial sequences, very reminiscent of the Coens' best. Until about two thirds or maybe three quarters of the way through where it all falls apart. I can't say more without spoiling the story. I can't deny I was disappointed that it didn't snap shut like Blood Simple or Fargo. Having said that it bit at some level, because it left a trace inside me, which came out in these dreams, but bypassed conscious understanding.

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