Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Respect the craft

My favourite evangelical blog slacktivist posts on The Wire Season 5 (no spoilers) which is set in a newsroom.

Now that the show's focus has widened to include my own trade, its almost Aristotelian emphasis on virtue and craft seems even more emphatic. This thread runs throughout the series, a constant opposition of those who care about "the job" and those who care about the career.

The "natural po-lice" are craftsmen. They study the craft, learn the craft, and do it well. The central conflicts of the show are not between the police and the criminals, but between those who respect the craft and those who do not -- between those who view the standards of the craft as the most important set of rules and those who would substitute some other measure of success.

HBO have created a short catch-up film: Four Seasons of the Wire in Four Minutes. I stopped it at 3 minutes because I don't want spoilers for season 4. They get points from me for 'Stringer Bell (girls think he's hot)'.

BTW from my most favourite program to my least. Does the Torchwood trailer (you've probably seen it already) mean I have to start watching that? I'm going to have to aren't I, with that much fighting and kissing? I just hope the second season is slightly better than the first.
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