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Top Fifty British Writers

Can you tell I'm at a bit of a loose end today? The Times propose their Top Fifty British Writers since 1945. Nice to see a few non-mimetics in there. Surprised at the omission of Arthur C Clark and Terry Pratchett, and Carol Ann Duffy. And personally I'd add Caryl Churchill, though she's not very well known.

ETA - Ansible includes a comment on this list

Further 'names on our longlist that didn't make the cut' include Peter Ackroyd, Robert Conquest, Lawrence Durrell, Penelope Lively, David Mitchell, Brian Moore, Christopher Priest, Iain Sinclair, Fay Weldon, Angus Wilson, and Jeanette Winterson. The first website comments complained bitterly about the absence of Terry Pratchett from both lists. No actual research went into this momentous compilation -- just the opinions of assorted Times hacks.

Also what about Douglas Adams?

1. Philip Larkin
2. George Orwell
3. William Golding
4. Ted Hughes
5. Doris Lessing

6. J. R. R. Tolkien
7. V. S. Naipaul
8. Muriel Spark
9. Kingsley Amis
10. Angela Carter

11. C. S. Lewis (besotted at the age of about 8)
12. Iris Murdoch
13. Salman Rushdie
14. Ian Fleming
15. Jan Morris
16. Roald Dahl
17. Anthony Burgess
18. Mervyn Peake
19. Martin Amis
20. Anthony Powell
21. Alan Sillitoe
22. John Le Carré
23. Penelope Fitzgerald
24. Philippa Pearce
25. Barbara Pym
26. Beryl Bainbridge
27. J. G. Ballard
28. Alan Garner
29. Alasdair Gray
30. John Fowles
31. Derek Walcott
32. Kazuo Ishiguro
33. Anita Brookner
34. A. S. Byatt
35. Ian McEwan
36. Geoffrey Hill
37. Hanif Kureishi
38. Iain Banks
39. George Mackay Brown
40. A. J. P. Taylor
41. Isaiah Berlin
42. J. K. Rowling
43. Philip Pullman
44. Julian Barnes
45. Colin Thubron
46. Bruce Chatwin
47. Alice Oswald (don't know her)
48. Benjamin Zephaniah
49. Rosemary Sutcliff (as a child)
50. Michael Moorcock

ETA I have bolded the ones that I have ever been besotted with, as in read them obsessively.
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