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I get to drive an Audi Quattro. A red one.

The Guardian? Bunch of snivelling pinkos and sandal-wearing poofs. Gene Hunt interviewed by the snivelling pinkos about the upcoming series 'Ashes to Ashes':

Scarman Report? Lord Scarman is a scumbag. If he thinks he can waltz into my kingdom with his poxy report and threaten the Gene Genie he is sadly mistaken. I'll take his silver spoon and play The Red Flag on his Jackson Pollocks. 1981? Makes me sick to my stomach. Newt-sodomising Red Ken and his commie friends.

The writers also chip in, and I think you might be interested:

ASHLEY PHAROAH Social realism has been the dominant narrative form in television for decades now. As writers it's incredibly exciting to break out of that straitjacket, to explore that "other" wing of British storytelling, the tradition of Blake and Wells and Pressburger and Powell and Terry Nation.

MATTHEW GRAHAM And there's a bigger story that we've only just hinted at in Life On Mars. Bigger than Sam Tyler's coma, bigger even than Alex Drake's predicament. A secret we couldn't possibly leave untold.

Can mere references to William Blake and Terry Nation win me over? Yes, I am that cheap.
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