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January fun and games

I must stop playing on the computer and get on with the things I have to do. Last week we had new central heating installed, the old boiler/hot tank replaced by a new combi boiler, and the kitchen extended by knocking through the old outside loo. They have put in a new concrete floor where the loo was. I am amused this morning to see teeny-tiny cat footprints in the wet concrete. The whole house is thickly covered with brick dust.

The norovirus outbreak seems to be quite serious

Doctors estimate that more than 100,000 people a week are catching the infection - and the rate may peak this week as the virus takes the opportunity to spread in the workplace and classrooms... The bug can be spread by contact with an infected person, through contaminated food or water, or by contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. But it is also able to survive on practically any surface, including glassware, sinks, doorknobs and railings. A person who puts a hand to their mouth after touching a contaminated surface can be infected. Doctors have advised patients that as soon as symptoms appear they become contagious to others, and that they remain infectious for at least three days, and often longer, after they recover.

Only one RL friend has been struck down so far, and I have kept a sympathetic distance. I am worried about next week when my daughter goes back to school. She never uses the school toilets, because they are so filthy, but she's likely to pick it up from surfaces. The only bright spot is that school kids, unlike us poor adults, aren't forced to go to work when they are sick.

Well, I don't go to work when I'm sick, but apparently Tesco (for instance) don't give sick pay any more? That's something to bear in mind when you are buying food from them. People with norovirus have probably been handling the fruit and veg and bread.
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