Communicator (communicator) wrote,

You don't look Druish!

Here is a delightful post by author Liz Williams (mevennen I think some of you know her personally) gently poking fun at her own druid/pagan religion.

I'd like to invite anyone who wishes to insult my own religion. We wear long white frocks with wellington boots underneath! We made it all up in the 1900s (OK, not all of it. And some of it, in 1950)! We celebrated at Stonehenge in the 1880s with a brass band and a cream tea, and in the 1980s with a pitched battle with the police! We have an official Stupid Hat!

Setting a challenge to her readers:

Can you lampoon my religion more than its adherents do already

My favourite so far 'Druidism: we gave up human sacrifice ages ago!'

Let us pretend that Marxism is my religion (ha). You can't kick it harder than I can kick it. But do please try.

Marxist Revolution: what can possibly go wrong?
Science: We are always ready to revise our ideas in the light of new evidence. Now Fuck off.
Secular humanism: zzzz Sorry I fell asleep for a moment there, what were you saying?

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