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Smoking cessation

I can't post much about my hypnotherapy because the little I do is covered by confidentiality. But I think it's OK to say my headteacher friend has got me a gig this Tuesday running a stop-smoking session for some of her teachers. I hasten to add, it's entirely voluntary - only some of the staff are coming along. One of the teachers asked if I could hypnotise her so she would give up smoking after Christmas, because she didn't want to stop yet. I said no - you come to give up right now or don't come.

Confession - I haven't any experience with smoking-cessation hynotherapy. I hope it goes OK. I've got to have a first time some time. I'm not charging them, I just want the experience.

I was talking to my brother and his missus yesterday. They both struggled to give up (several years ago). She eventually resorted to Zyban ('nicotinic inhibitor'). She said after a couple of weeks it just turned off her cravings. My bro used patches, full strength for six months.

I've been reading up a bit on the action of nicotine on the nervous system. Not that I am going to lecture them about that, but I want to understand the process that I'm working with.

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