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On the continuing subject of feminism, here is a super article by philosoraptor.

It's a robust and intelligent response to this article by Kim du Toit , which is about how women and homosexual men, despite being manifestly inferior, have somehow managed to take over the world, hurting the feelings of old fashioned butch-style men like (hem hem) himself.

Here is an example of the sort of thing that Du Toit is complaining about. A Cheerios commercial, which undermines 'natural' sex roles. Must be pretty bad huh? Well - hold onto your hats because here it is in all its anti-male glory. Kim takes up the story...

Little girl (note, not little boy): Daddy, why do we eat Cheerios?
Dad: Because they contain fiber, and all sorts of stuff that's good for the heart. I eat it now, because of that.
LG: Did you always eat stuff that was bad for your heart, Daddy?
Dad (humorously): I did, until I met your mother.
Mother (not humorously): Daddy did a lot of stupid things before he met your mother.

Now, every time I see that TV ad, I have to be restrained from shooting the TV with a .45 Colt. If you want a microcosm of how men have become less than men, this is the perfect example.

What Dad should have replied to Mommy's little dig: Yes, Sally, that's true: I did do a lot of stupid things before I met your mother. I even slept with your Aunt Ruth a few times, before I met your mother.

That's what I would have said, anyway, if my wife had ever attempted to castrate me in front of the kids like that.

Yeah - castrate you. That's a sane and moderate response. Doesn't make you look at all insecure in your masculinity, Kim.

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