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Spectrum quiz

I know online personality quizzes are the junk food of psychology, but mmm... luvly greasy and salty goodness badness. Thanks to my f-list here is an online 'neurodiversity' quiz. There are about 170 qs and it generates a nice coloured web-diagram.

The terminology used (such as 'aspie' and 'neurotypical') suggests asperger-friendly folks, or even activists. Hence I feel fairly OK about posting it, with the understanding that this is not anything reliable and asperger-spectrum-variance is a serious issue. Hope that's OK.

Here are my results

detailed results

Incidentally, from a comment posted in another thread I learn the reason why the graph has an axis labelled 'hunting':

People with ADHD can be stereotyped into the 'hunting' category in a hunter/gatherer society. At least that's what I vaguely remember reading in some of the literature. The point that this is trying to make is that the concentration 'needed' for the gathering role is 'normal'. I think. (*)

It's also the code word for the extreme of physical as opposed to intellectual leanings.

(*) My addendum to this is I think the point being made is that gatherer concentration has been redefined as 'normal' whereas in fact both ends of the hunter-gatherer spectrum are normal. I'm not utterly convinced but I would like to see more tolerance of people who need to run about and kick a ball from time to time. Sitting still was torture to me as a kid.

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