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In Rainbows: track by track

Sorry if this is pretentious wank. I may be biting off more than I can chew here, as I'm an ignoramus when it comes to music. However In Rainbows is Radiohead's best since OK Computer, which is obviously divine. I feel I want to mark it, so here is my track by track commentary. You'll make allowances for a half-deaf old broad.

This is a report of me walking to work listening to the album. I'm relistening to it now, and trying to reconstruct how I felt. The whole thing is like a technology of altering consciousness, so that you end up on this giddy height, like when you have had sex or something and you find yourself wandering on this upper level of the mind thinking 'How did I get up here?' or like that Annie Lennox song 'Language is leaving me'. Possibly the right-brain overloading the left brain or something.

15 Step:This is a very complex track. Funny too. It reminded me of 'The Deathly Hallows' in that you realise these people have known what they are doing all along. There hasn't been a falling off from a creative moment - they didn't stop thinking all that time.

Bodysnatchers: Rock and roll, with an almost-traditional guitar riff (a bit like 'Pretty Woman') and it makes your heart speed up. Walk quickly down the earth path to Canley Ford. Feel strong and lively.

Nude: Getting a bit floaty like my head is a balloon now. Walk through the trees at Canley Ford, and they are all orange. Thom Yorke's voice soaring up and down, leaving the music behind and then finding it again. This reminds me of OK Computer and it's my favourite so far, and I'm getting a bit high.

Weird Fishes: Cross the main road. The background to this track is like the musical accompaniment to a journey, rolling over and over like a car driving along. And the voice breaks free again. But this is more under control, and I am walking along beside a queue of cars, past the Phantom Coach pub, feeling urbane.

All I need: Slowing down and getting macabre as I walk past the cemetery. A grumpy wistful track. Reminds me of their more recent work. I thought I didn't like it, but then half way through I was walking through some trees, and I slowed down, and I was just standing with the music going all through me.

Faust Arp: This is like an hypnotic induction. The violins in the background sound like the Beatles. This is lulling the left brain. I'm getting hypnotised.

Reckoner: Into the Science Park where I work, walking past the modern buildings, I suspect this is about Karma and guilt, but language is definitely leaving me now. Like an eraser on a whiteboard. Oh. Not sure if this is the greatest track or if it is the cumulative effect of the album so far.

House of Cards: About the collapse of Western Civilisation I assume. I am out of my head by now, but unfortunately I am approaching my workplace, so I'll have to pull it back together in a minute. This is like being stroked inside your brain. I slow down in the car park so I can keep listening.

Jigsaw Falling into Place: Not only did I have to stop listening as I go into my workplace, but someone has just come in and asked me a question so I had to stop my re-listen. Who is singing this? Oh, yes, it is Yorke, he just sounded funny to start with. I'll have to listen to this again, because I haven't had a chance to really get into it. It's quite stirring and forceful. OK, yes, this is coming back together again. They are really trying to convince us of something.

Videotape: One of the best Radiohead tracks ever. The disruption to 'Jigsaw' means I'm not here at the culmination off all ten tracks, but it is exceptional just coming cold to it. I'm feeling an ache in my sternum, or is it a loosening of tension? My heart is sore.
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