Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Fade to Grey

H played guitar at a Help the Aged fund raiser on Saturday (it was called 'Fade to Grey'). I went to see him play, and I noticed at the next table a chap in a smart suit with grey hair. He listened to the whole set. It turns out that was the Lord Mayor of Coventry. Later he asked a reporter to take a picture with H and some other participants. Here it is.

H is the chap sitting at the front with a checked blue shirt. The other guitarist, kneeling next to him, is his good friend Peter. The guy whose hand appears to be resting on H's head is the mayor.

H picks interesting songs which seem, rightly or wrongly, of significance. From memory in this set he did Angel from Montgomery*, Saint Genevieve, and I ain't ever satisfied, I shall be released - I can't remember what else.

*funny to hear H singing 'when I was a young girl I had me a cowboy'. Nobody laughs though.

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