Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Opportunity knocked (on the head)

Heard back from That Job today. Didn't get it.

I really don't feel bad about that, which was an interesting data point in itself. I went for a coffee with happytune, and discussed what to do next. With happytune's help I have made a decision - to concentrate on building some kind of client base as a hypnotherapist, and give myself until at least February to see if I can make that happen. If Feb comes and I've got nowhere - well, then I'll look for a new job of the square and office-bound kind, and build the therapy more slowly.

This is a Good Plan. I went into the local gym yesterday and they are willing to host some relaxation/hypnotherapy classes, so I'm going to create a form for people to fill in with expressions of interest. If I get enough of these I'll schedule the class. I will also approach the other gyms in the neighbourhood with the same proposition.

Oh, and I'm going to get a web site. I'll give this my best shot.
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