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a dying art form

ninebelow points to this article by Nicholas Lezard

We are reaching the end of literary culture - rather as we have just about reached the end of poetry. It will take rather longer for the novel to reach the same atrophied, marginalised state as the contemporary poem ... but it will happen, sales of On Chesil Beach notwithstanding.

Do you think he's right? Is interest in poetry dying? Will novel reading follow?

When I was young I didn't have any interest in classical music, and I think it was because those who advocated it spoke about it like it was improving and miserable: 'you youngsters listen to music as a matter of sensual pleasure, while we responsible adult listen to music as exemplifying intellectual rules'.

I wonder how many people have been put off literature by idiots who have taught them the same rubbish. I think that attitude is so common in newspapers, on Radio 4, among the establishment. Middle class people are so defensive about their intellectual status that they sacrifice every pleasure to the maintenance of that status. They shrink from enjoying themselves. Nay, they shrivel.

BTW - rapidly climbing back into the dustcart of intellectual snobbery - most hilarious comment in that thread:

if i want great literature,i watch a good movie or TV..if i weant poetry,whcih i dont,then ill listen to a bob dylan(or any decent songwriter) song.. please stop this ghastly 'death of the reader 'nonsense.we dont care. i never buy books and im still an intellectual

May be satire
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