Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Seraphim Falls

Hey that title wouldn't be a pretentious reference to Milton would it? Yes, well, let's leave aside that my last post was a pretentious reference to Shakespeare. Seraphim Falls could have been a good Western. The first bit is great - Liam Neeson is hunting Pierce Brosnan through some snowy mountains. Lots of good stuff. Then the hunter and hunted pass out of the mountains and encounter one Western genre cliché after another. Fine, I can enjoy that, it's obviously done knowingly. Then the cliches get a bit thick on the ground, and the passage through them a bit perfunctory, and everything has this freight building up of dull mythic symbolism. Sign of an inexperienced writer/director: a clever but shallow concept. Eventually our heroes encounter an Enigmatic Old Indian: 'What you most desire is what you must lose, and what you give up is what will always go with you' or some such garbage. I groaned and put my head in my hands. Finally - Angelica Houston as 'Louise C. Fair' - yes, it's a pretentious reference to Milton all over again. Oh dear or dear oh dear. It's The Third Policeman without the laffs.

Verdict: Two fine actors, given the chance to do their stuff. First half hour brill, next hour pretty good, last ten minutes utter wanky rubbish.

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