Communicator (communicator) wrote,

I'm having a good time

obsessive24 produces excellent videos herself and links to other very good examples by her friends. I've spent a little time looking at some of what I missed while I was away, and here are some of my favourites.

Rodeohead by absolutedestiny is a Firefly video to a Bluegrass cover-version of Radiohead's greatest 'hits'.

Cosmia by dualbunny is a Pan's Labyrinth video to a song by Joanna Newsome.

Snakes on a plane also by dualbunny is a fast rush through Harry Potter (how young he was at the start) to I dunno, is it the theme tune of the film 'Snakes on a Plane'? Cool anyway, and Daniel Radcliffe seems a much better actor packaged like this.

Vertigo is a House video by bradcpu to "Weapons of Mass Distortion" by The Crystal Method. It seems to almost repackage House as a Horror film in a world where the human body and mind are breaking down, but House is leading some kind of fight-back which involves dismantling the self. No, I've just re-watched it, it's more like time and space are breaking down and we have to mutilate ourselves to adapt to the new order. Brilliant anyway.

Don't Stop Me Now by charmax is a video about The Master set to the famous Queen Song. 'I'm a tiger, out of control.' Wahey. It's fast, it's like a dance, I was grinning throughout, and it's a total turn-on. Thoroughly recommended.

And of course you must see obsessive24's lovely House video The Other Side is a heart-breaking character study of Chase to 'The Other Side' by David Gray.
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