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Living in the ten minutes

I just read an interesting comment on a Making Light thread, about the personalities of people in power. If you don't dig the jargon this is so much letter-salad but bear with me.

A Myers-Briggs book I happen to be browsing says that their database of people who have taken MBTI personality tests across corporate, government, and military organizations, shows that the top executives/brass are composed almost entirely of TJs (Thinking Judging). Mostly ISTJ (32.1%), ESTJ (28%), INTJ (15.8%), ENTJ (9.4%). Then a big gap to the Thinking Perceivers, ENTP (5.3%), INTP (1.3%). The FPs are hardly there at all, starting with ESFP at 1% down to ISFP at .1%.

So more than half the people in positions of authority come from just two personality types, which are extrovert and introvert variants on the same basic model: sensible methodical conservative people. I find STJs are quite confident and unflappable, perhaps because their imaginations are kept firmly in check by their reason and rootedness in the sensory immediacy. In Howard's End, Henry Wilcox is an ESTJ.

All was so solid and spruce, that the past flew up out of sight like a spring-blind, leaving only the last five minutes unrolled... As is Man to the Universe, so was the mind of Mr. Wilcox to the minds of some men--a concentrated light upon a tiny spot, a little Ten Minutes moving self-contained through its appointed years. No Pagan he, who lives for the Now, and may be wiser than all philosophers. He lived for the five minutes that have past, and the five to come; he had the business mind.

This is precisely it. Not focussed on the moment like an SP (Jung called the Dionysian), who may be overwhelmed by the intensity of this second, or spread out over the past and future like an intuitive person who sees what has been or might be as a palimpsest on the present (Jung called the Promethean). The functional world is dominated by these people who live in the ten minutes.

Just want to say we admire and need this type of person (and that's made clear in Howard's End). It's the conformity of upper government and business that oppresses, not the individual.
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