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Verlaine, Rimbaud

I'm going to France the day after tomorrow! To celebrate I have bought some french poetry, to read while I'm there. I've heard of Verlaine and Rimbaud, but never read anything by them. I'd like to see that film where David Thewlis plays Verlaine. Ah, here it is: Total Eclipse.

I thought I'd post a couple of poems by them, because they are really interesting writers.

The sadness, the languor By Verlaine. French here.

The sadness, the languor of the human body
Move me to pity, melt and weaken me
Most of all when black sleep strikes
When the drapes zebra the skin, and trap the hands

How frail it is in the fever of tomorrow
Warm in the bath of evaporating sweat
Like a bird trembling on the roof
And the feet, still sore from the road

And the chest, marked twice by the fist
And the mouth, the still-red wound
And the shivering flesh, fragile establishment

And the eyes, the poor eyes so beautiful
Sharp with the pain of seeing without end
Sad body, so frail and punished

Vowels by Rimbaud. French here.

A is black, E is white, I is red, U is Green, O is Blue
One day I'll explain how you came into being

A - black, fur clad, glittering flies
Bombing in clusters the rancid stench

Gulfs of darkness: E, surfaces of mists and tents,
Spears of fierce glaciers, white kings, umbel shivers

I: purple, blood spit, beautiful lips laughing
In anger or ecstasy of penitence

U: cycles, the divine vibration of viridian sea
Peace of cattle grazing the pastureland
Peace of the minds behind high foreheads
Furrowed with alchemy

O: final clarion full of strange stridency
Traversing silences of world and angels
O - Omega - the violet radiance of your eyes

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