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Blow Up

Sorry and shocked to hear of the deaths of Antonioni and Bergman on the same day. It has made me remember one of my strangest experiences.

When my mother was a vicar in South London, her vicarage was in Maryon Rd, a few yards from Maryon Park, where Antonioni filmed 'Blow Up'. If you haven't seen it, the film is dream-like and makes you wonder to what extent the protagonist has drifted off into an imaginary world.

Maryon Park is a strange still place: a smallish area of grass with a few tennis courts and a playground, surrounded by steep wooded slopes and some tall Victorian houses. It's very quiet there.

My brother and I were walking through Maryon Park. There wasn't a soul about. Then we saw two older people, might be ex-hippies, looking up into one of the tall trees and calling. We wandered over and asked what was up. It turned out they were looking after a friend's pet, and it had escaped. High up in the trees an iguana was glaring down at us: that was the pet. I've never seen an iguana in a tree in London before or since.

This, combined with the strange isolation and silence of the place gave me a kind of peculiar feeling. Then the woman turned to speak to me, and I could see that she had been trepanned. By this I mean that she had allowed someone to drill away part of her skull in the middle of her forehead ('third eye' position). Some people did this in the sixties in order to expand the soul or something.

It wasn't an open hole in her head: it was all sort of healed up, but she had a big circular scar like an eye, surrounded by concentric shock rings of scar tissue. Actually it was only after I got home that I figured out what it was. At the time I just felt this growing sense of unreality at the silent park, the iguana, and this woman with a scar-eye in her forehead.

I don't know if I've conveyed how very odd it was.

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