Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Heroes question

Heroes began on BBC2 last week, with episodes 1 and 2 back-to-back, but I only saw the start and very end, as a friend phoned about twenty minutes in, with some problems, and she needed to talk for about an hour.

I have a couple of concerns, but I may be completely mistaken, as this is just based on the few bits I saw. So if this is way out let me know.

I got the impression that there are only two female super-heroes, and these are both long-legged blondes who wear short skirts? The Internet sex worker and the cheerleader? Can this be true?

Also I got the impression that while the sexy cheerleader = good (as in 'American Beauty') the sexy adult woman = evil?

We saw this woman who is a sex-worker, to provide for her mixed-race son, and I thought - good for them, they've taken all these indicators that would normally be used to bash women: sexy, assertive, mercenary, single parent, 'impure', defiant, argumentative etc. And made her a hero.

Last I saw before my friend phoned she seemed to be about to kill two violent rapists. I thought, great.

Then I came back from the call, to the last couple of minutes of episode 2, and it seemed she was being positioned as evil. Is this right? What a shame if so.
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