Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Would you hold it against me?

A research study asked men and women to rate the probable success of a range of 'chat up lines' (shudder). 266 women and 115 men rated the chat-up scenarios from one to five, with one indicating that the woman was likely to stop the conversation immediately.

"Despite being deeply unpopular with women, men are unreasonably optimistic about how well their sexually explicit lines will go down," he were consistently over-optimistic that women would find them irresistible if their opening gambit was sexually explicit.

Another shock finding was that different women preferred different types of 'opening remark', depending on their own personality.

I dunno why men persist in making sexually aggressive remarks in an attempt to get dates. Some men have said to me 'most women are disgusted but because some respond it's worth it'. Seems a strange approach to me.
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