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Order of the Phoenix

I think there is a different Harry Potter series in my head, and I feel excitement when I glimpse it through all the irrelevant stuff that - you know - merely world-famous JK Rowling wrote and highly respected screenwriters adapted, and brilliant directors directed. In other words, I know I have to accept the disparity between this non-existing HP thing in my brain and this world-wide film and book phenomenon with good grace, and I do. I know when I'm outclassed.

I liked the start of this film, which was set in the 'real world', and I liked the fleeting glimpses of that para-world where Sirius and Remus are pursuing a real war via desperate measures. And where Bellatrix and Lucius slither around. I want to see more of that film please. Perhaps one day when the copyright is expired some Wide Sargasso Sea will fill in these gaps for me.

Meantime, instead of indulging me with time in the world I am interested in, this well crafted film takes the published storyline forward with some coherence. The child actors are now young adults, and like JKR they have not buckled, they bravely give it what they have. Imelda Staunton is excellent as the type of prissy sadist that Orwell identified for us, writing the Law onto the Body, and making Hogwarts into Kafka's Penal Colony. Not enough gloating on this, and yet we hate her enough.

But this is just the sketching out of a story which even in its published form, at how many hundreds of pages, didn't quite deliver the emotional punch - for example at the death of my best loved character - that the set up promised. Well done for engineering the set up: shame the jaws of the trap never quite closed on us as painfully as they could have done.

One day vast AI's will excavate and recreate the emotionally satisfying films that are hidden within the films that merely exist.
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