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Holiday plans

Self-indulgent post here.

Got a wedding anniversary card from my mum this morning. I'd completely forgotten we got married three years ago this weekend. I was talking to matildabj and happytune about how H and I are both 'P' rather than J (in Myers-Briggs terms). That means we are untidy and careless and bad at making decisions. Hence we lived together for 14 years before we got married. Well, you don't want to rush into these things do you? Also we never book our summer holiday until the last minute. Every year we say we'll do it early, get it out of the way, and we never do. And if one of us starts to book it, the other is all 'help, I'm being oppressed' and we have a fight.

Anyway we have now booked two weeks in Brittany starting 4th August. We are going to Douarnenez.

One of the main attractions in Douarnenez is the large number of usually quite small restaurants and crêperies around the town. Most specialise in seafood, usually offering fish soup, shellfish, crab, lobster, prawns, sardines, mussels and the catch of the day. Not to be forgotten is Douarnenez's buttery cake, kouign amann, which has now become famous throughout France and beyond. As for drinks, Breton cider can be drunk either alone or in kir breton, a cocktail consisting of cider and cassis.

That's all well and good, but I'm sort of sorry about all the other things that we are now not doing. I think this is why it's easier to go to the cinema more than the theatre: I'm thinking I might go and see Harry Potter which starts in 45 minutes, or I might not. With the theatre you have to buy tickets days or even months in advance.
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