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Pain is scary

Via metafilter:

Recognising pain management as a fundamental human right. From the journal of the International Anesthesia Research Society

I feel strongly about pain relief, which I think should be provided to everyone who needs it from either acute or chronic conditions. One of the skills I am trying to develop as an hypnotherapist is to give people pain management methods.

I suffered excruciating pain after my caesareans, when my bladder and uterus were damaged. In those days (1988 and 1992) nursing practice in the UK was very restrictive and cautious about pain relief, and you almost had to beg and weep to get the most grudging few tablets. I'm not the beg and weep type so I endured a great deal of pain, which is making me upset now to recall. I used to lie awake at night reliving it, for years afterwards. I think it was a form of PTSD.

In 2003 and 2005 I had abdominal surgery, and pain relief practice had changed considerably in this country. I was given a morphine shunt, which I could self-operate. I hardly used any of it, but being in control instead of helpless made the whole experience a million times better. I have no bad memories about those two hospital visits, and even though they are closer in time I have no stress or insomnia in relation to them.

It may be that some people will become addicted to pain relief. I think the alternative - to deny people relief - is much worse. I even feel that addiction is more likely where pain relief is controlled and withheld.

Contrary opinions welcome as ever.
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