Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Must try harder

An advert for chewing gum has so enraged decency campaigners that they have sworn to boycott the product.

The furor over the commercial has resulted in the American Decency Association urging Christians not to buy Fusion or any other Wrigley’s product. ADA president Bill Johnson says the ad shows that the company is more concerned about appealing to the homosexual community than it is offending millions of Bible-believing Christians... blatant advertisement lifting up lesbianism... strongly against the standard of God,” it is sending a clear message to believers that their business is really no longer desired.

So you are thinking - let me see this ad, right? Blatantly lifting up lesbians? Offending millions of Bible-belt Christians? Bring it on, girls.

Alas - prepare for a letdown. That's it? After that kind of a build up? I'm outraged about the lack of anything outrageous.
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