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The void stares back

A couple of highly contrasting and interesting perspectives on the season finale of doctor who. altariel writes here. Her perspective is that the season self-reflectively meditates on its own cultural influence, particularly for children.

I think this season has been extremely conscious of its status as the top-rating British family drama, and its resulting responsibilities. I think the writing asks itself about whether or not to use its powers for good or evil, and what both of those might involve.... the emotional reality of childhood experience is affirmed. It’s not silliness, or something to be grown out of – it’s real, and it matters. And so, at various places throughout this season, we are asked to consider what a responsibility this is. Whether or not we will use this power for evil. Whether or not we will tell lies

Read the rest, if you can, because it's well written and thought provoking.

In a quite contrasting style, rozk meditates on the power dynamics between the Master and the Doctor.

The entire scheme - using the last humans to torture the current humans to declare war on the rest of the universe in the name of Gallifrey - seemed to me a little too much like he sat down and worked out just the most awful set of things he could do to the Doctor's amour propre that he had not already done. It is all such a total frakk you ... The Master is a pushy bottom who wants to be spanked, and dying and leaving the Doctor alone is just another of his gambits - given that he will get to come back...His racist treatment of the Jones family is another of his gambits; villains do bad things and some of those things are going to be tasteless as well.

Once more - well worth reading the rest.

Whereas for me, the story is all about mortality. What happens when you live forever, or try to live forever? How much will long life itself change you? How much will the things you have to do to keep living change you? When do you have to let go of the self in order not to betray yourself?

What's that you say? - we look into the total perspective vortex and see ourselves staring back?

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