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Fairy stories are for boys only

Snooty review of Doctor Who in the Daily Telegraph, which posits there are two sort of people in the world: those with guns and those who dig those who love fantasy completely uncritically, and those (like the discerning author of the piece) who can't stand it. And by fantasy I think he means the full range of non-realist writing and drama.

I thought you might be amused by this:

There is one easy shorthand for working out where someone stands across the fantasy gap: if she is a woman, she can generally manage without it. Which is maybe what was happening as I snoozed through the Doctor: I was being put in touch with my feminine side.

It's getting increasingly difficult to keep up with my immutable biologically determined gender role these days. I thought fantasy was supposed to be for girls? How recently did it become Daily Telegraph conservative commonplace that imagination and airy-fairy stuff is boys only?

Sigh. Anyway, I guess it boils down to 'get back in the kitchen ladies'. It always does.

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