Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Airport incidents

My mum just phoned. In September 2001 my parents were in Canada, and couldn't get home because the airports were closed. This week they have been on the Isle of Mull, and can't get home because Glasgow airport is closed. Luckily it's a bit nearer than Vancouver so I think the travel company will put on a long distance coach. I said if you get stranded somewhere, call me and I'll drive up to wherever you are. Hope they don't call though, because the last thing I want to do is drive to Scotland in this weather.

ETA - driving home last night I was struck by how poetic the eye-witness accounts from Glasgow were.

'There was this guy lying on the floor, and he was from head to toe all over flames. And he got to his feet, and he was fighting with us, all flames.' They put the fire out, and then thumped him.

ETA - They flew in the end, and got back late last night, only a few hours late
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