Communicator (communicator) wrote,

One look could kill

I've watched a few fan videos this week, most of them seem quite hastily put together (not by anyone on my f-list). But this one is damn good IMHO. It uses 'Poison' by Alice Cooper, which is really not the type of music I listen to much, but it's worth a view. There's a thirty second dull instrumental bit about half a minute in, but other than that it's cracking. Like with so many things, it's only when you compare it to ineffective videos that you see how the person has edited it to make it work.

- She (I assume she) has used body language very well to emphasise up/down, fitting in with the flow of the song

- Tennant acts from his face down, Simm has more of a dancer's abdominal centre or so it seems to me

- In fact the whole thing is more like dancing than acting

- That actress who plays Lucy Saxon is bloody good isn't she?

- About a minute in, The Master kills Jack - brilliant motion - the music really brings it out

- The Doctor didn't have to keep sprawling like that did he?

- I never noticed how they both nod upwards on the airfield, as if they know they can see each other

Also check out nostalgia_lj's brilliant Doctor/Master story told by the power of pictures.
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