Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Prepare for an arse-kicking

I've been told that the Masai believe that all cattle on Earth belong to them, but that for practical reasons most are being cared for in other parts of the world. Just in this way I think there is a section of British society who thinks that all money belongs to them - it's not a medium of exchange but a resource which can be misplaced on its way to its correct home. When it goes to other people it is 'wasted' money.

In 1979 Thatcher persuaded a majority of the British electorate that they were members of this home group, and that she was there to return money to its natural home. Instead of flowing it would slow and halt in one place. What happened during Thatcherism was that people came to realise that the natural home class was actually quite small, and generally you didn't belong to it. The poll tax was a practical demonstration of that fact, and the hike in interest rates was the lesson learned.

But I think people have forgotten what happened, and I suspect they will start to feel edgy about money going to 'waste', and think that they are the entitled class. And then they'll have their arses kicked for them once more by the Tories, who have been annexing other people's resources for like four hundred years, and aren't sentimental about it.

So in short, I expect Brown will have a short tenure, and lose the next election. But I hope I'm wrong.
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