Communicator (communicator) wrote,

What I saw on telly this week

Dalziel & Pascoe: Under Dark Stars (like Jekyll, BBC 1 at 9pm) was quite a lot darker and more demanding for the time of evening. I won't spoil it but it went farther in character-risk than I expected, and the murders were all quite upsetting, as they should be. Colin Buchanan is ageing well into a gloomier and more cynical Pascoe, no longer 'the complete opposite of his abrasive, impolite partner' but a grumpy old sod himself, albeit slightly prettier than Warren Clarke.

The other thing I saw this week was Layer Cake, which I only watched because it had Daniel Craig in it. He was as sexy as ever. I seem to remember people saying this film was crap, but it was a reasonable Brit gangster film, about an intelligent man trying to figure out how to be a bad guy as he goes. No sentimentalising. My favourite dialogue: Michael Gambon 'Do you know what a remora fish is?' Craig 'Yeah.' End of. Nobody ever says that in films but - yes, of course we bloody know what one is.
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