Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Trivial but strangely interesting

A few blogs have been discussing the top 100 sexy women chosen by AfterEllen (web site for gay women). I think I find these women on the whole more appealing than a comparable list chosen by men. Though both lists are a bit bland.

I was leafing through a book in Waterstones the other day, I can't even remember its name, with the results of a survey into the men and women that men and women fantasise about. The compilers put the two lists next to each other. I wouldn't buy the book just so I could copy one page into my blog, but I tried to remember as much of it as I could. Which turns out to be not much.

There was one man who more men than women had sexual fantasies about (this is a UK book) and that was David Beckham

The woman who was most attractive to other women (can't remember the percentage) was Angelina Jolie

There was one woman who was attractive to about 30% of men, but 0% of the women polled that was Joanna Lumley. Who I think is lovely.

Don't want to make this post too long, but I think that both men and women are influenced by the public sexual image of the actor, or the roles he/she has played. I think women are more likely to find Jolie attractive, because we know she is bisexual, and men feel relaxed about fancying men like Beckham who are themselves kinda relaxed about it.
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