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Russell Brand

Also, driving back from the party I was listening to Russell Brand on Radio 2. I was amazed at how good he was. I'd previously sort of written him off as a fashionable tosser, not my type at all. But listening to him ad-lib for well over an hour (there was a hold-up on the M6, for a change) I was astonished and impressed. There were a few bits, as there would be in any sustained unscripted rant, that went off the boil, but the whole thing was exciting, funny, and clever. And quite risky I thought. Like Douglas Adams' writing you got the impression of wild improvisation, and then later, as the various diverse ends tied up, realised there was at least some semblance of method in the madness.

Anyway, I don't expect most people to agree, because I was surprised, but I think the guy is a big comedy talent and very clever, not just a daft geezer in girls' trousers who hangs out with Noel Fielding.

Oh, here's the podcast for the week before, which I didn't hear.

(Just off to my course now)

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