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I went to an outdoor party at gfk88's house last night. It's a beautiful place, with a lovely garden. Because gfk88 has a three children, aged 2-11, there were a lot of children around, all running about playing. It was lovely, all smiley faces.

A bunch of older children piled into the house to watch Doctor Who, so I went with them. It was great watching that episode with kids. They were absolutely terrified, screaming so loud that parents were coming in from the garden to see what was going on. One little girl burst into tears, and her dad had to come and sit next to her. Other were peeping up from behind the sofa (not a cliche, they actually were). When 'the most scary bit' came (the scary face) I suddenly found there were three children hiding behind me, clinging on to my shirt. One of these may have been gfk88's son who had earlier said that he wasn't scared, and only girls were scared.

I didn't know anyone at the party except gfk88 and his partner but everyone was very friendly, I even found some Chesterfield fans to talk to.

ETA best comment on this I've read this morning was snowking who said 'The final montage was designed purely to make kiddies fear statues. Good job, Moffat!'
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