Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Frankly Mr. Shankly

I am reading a book by David Peace called The Damned Utd. I bought it for H (as the Times apparently called it 'Probably the best novel ever written about sport'!) but in true girly fashion I have stolen it for my own reading pleasure.

It's a stream of consciousness novel in the voice of Brian Clough covering 44 days in 1974 when he was briefly manager of Leeds United - a team he openly hated (like most people involved in football at the time).

It's so awesome to put the words 'stream of consciousness' and 'Brian Clough' in the same sentence. He was a real clever, sexist, hard-knock man of his day.

"If a player had said to Bill Shankly 'I've got to speak to my agent', Bill would have hit him. And I would have held him while he hit him."

'If God had intended us to play football in the air he'd have put grass in the sky'

"I'd ask a player how he thinks it should be done, have a chat about it for twenty minutes, and then decide I was right"

"I certainly wouldn't say I'm the best manager in the business, but I'm in the top one."

"Don't send me flowers when I'm dead, send them to me now if you like me."

I always loved Cloughie. Should have been England manager.
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