Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Sunday night gig

On Sunday I went to see immortalradical play guitar and sing at the Varsity pub in the centre of Wolverhampton. It was great fun to be in a student venue like in the olden days, and because we turned up nice and early I got a drink and a cabaret seat with a great view of the stage. We only saw the first 2 acts, because after studying all weekend, I was too tired to stay out late (wimpy I know).

Our man had a nice warm relaxed style, and performed just the sort of music H is mad keen on, and has been introducing me to lately. I'm too ignorant to give a good description, but it all went down very well. immortalradical popped over to say hello to us and was talking music stuff with H (I think). On the way home Howard eulogised how American-origin music is more interesting melodically, because of the broader cultural idiom, or something.

The crowd were nice and mixed, quite a few students but a few older types too. The second act wasn't quite as good, and his guitar was out of tune poor thing. We then popped off, and probably missed some other good performances, unfortunately.

I would recommend you to go see him play.

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