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My brilliant career - phase 1

Thanks for those bracing comments on the last post. I've been thinking a lot about them. Today I went with happytune and my daughter to the opening of the new Warwick University Drama Centre. We were going to sit in on a master class of Shakespearean language, but when we got there it was all a bit more participatory than we expected, and my daughter decided she couldn't handle it, so while they were clearing the audience chairs away, to turn all audience members into full participants(!!!) we scarpared. happytune has gone back to join in a workshop on music for Shakespeare.

I went to the gym today and did an hour on the rowing machine without too much trouble: I used to find 15 minutes a challenge. Annoyingly this new fitness doesn't exhibit itself in any physical alterations, but it makes me feel good. Which is best - to be fit or to look fit? Who am I kidding? It's a no-brainer isn't it? Still, I'm definitely feeling an improvement in mood if not in weight.

As I left I bumped into the manager of the gym and gave him my pitch - I hire a room from him at an hourly rate at evenings and weekends, to offer hypnotherapy for weight loss (ha!) stop-smoking, sport motivation etc. He was really keen and also asked if I could also run group relaxation classes for their older customers, who they are trying to attract to use the gym when it's quiet during the day. Not sure if I can get time off work, but we'll see.

They have a plan to compete with the holistic health and healing type practices which are on offer in Earlsdon - nice old buildings, but hardly any parking. The gym is a much scruffier venue but it has a big car park. They want it to become a sort of fitness and therapy centre.

My next step is to get some posters up on the gym wall, showing my qualifications and stuff, and see if there is any interest. I might even put an ad in the local paper. Anyway, I'm all fired up with it today, but I think progress from here will be on the slow side.

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